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Electricity is generated from using bio crude gasification, a chemical combustion process by which hydrocarbons or organic materials are converted into gas using a large reactor or “cracker”, combining high levels of heat and pressure with low oxygen levels and steam. The biomass (wood chips) disintegrate and produce synthesis gas (or “syngas”) which is then cleansed and used to fire electricity generating gas turbine power plants . The heat generated from the gas turbines can be recovered and used as the source of energy for operating the power plant.

Its high levels of efficiency and energy conversion creates a consistent source of electricity production without generating any carbon emissions from the process. Carbon is stored in the waste product (ash), which is less than 2% of the total volume of biomass processed. As a result, the fossil fuel displacement value of the energy produced generates a carbon emission credit (CERs), which the value of such can be applied towards offsetting the cost of production.

2 MW/h Gasifier 750 Kw/h Gas Engine