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Energy Crop Plantations

Romblon State University (RSU)

Clenergen Philippines has an agreement in place with Romblon State University (RSU) for 1000 acres of land for the cultivation of bamboo and Melia Dubia. RSU has a nursery, biotechnology laboratory available for the cultivation of bamboo and Melia Dubia. This land will be sufficient to supply feedstock for a 5MW/h gasification biomass power plant.

Land intended for the bamboo and Melia dubia energy crop plantations on Romblon Island.

Beema Bamboo Plantation Intercropping

Clenergen intends to intercrop bamboo on coconut plantations for the purpose of producing wood pellets and expanding the production capacity of Beema Bamboo biomass products.

Clenergen is conducting field trials on the feasibility of intercropping bamboo. Initial tests have shown that the light density, spacing, and soil are all suitable for the cultivation of bamboo. It has been estimated that in order to 1MW of electricity, 750 acres of coconut plantation lands will be required to produce sufficient volume of wood chips. The wood chips produced will also be processed to wood pellets.

50 year old coconut trees intercropped with banana.