ADVISORS - Clenergen Corporation


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Board of Directors

Edward Osei Nsenkyire, Climate Change Advisor


Mr. Nsenkyire serves as President of Clenergen Ghana Limited.Mr. Nsenkyire’s career spans over 38 years mostly in the public sector provides a vital link between the public and private sector in West Africa. He was formerly the Chief Director of the Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology in Ghana. Recently Mr. Nsenkyire acted as the Chairman of the Ghana National Climate Change Committee and Chief Spokesperson for the Government of Ghana at the recent Copenhagen Summit. He also served as the Chairman for the Forestry Commission Board in Ghana.

Dr. N. Barathi, Biotechnology Science Advisor (Member Indian National Bamboo Mission)


Dr. N. Barathi, an Agriculture Scientist has 25 years of experience in plant propagation by tissue culture and cultivation of plants. Conducted several research in Bamboo for the past 10 years and identified ideal bamboo clone for Energy Plantation and standardized agronomical management and agriculture inputs to maximize the biomass yield. Recognising the contribution made by Dr.N.Barathi in Bamboo, he has been nominated as “Member and Advisor” in the Bamboo Steering Committee of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu Government and serving as “Bamboo Technical Expert” for Tripura Bamboo Mission and “Member” in the Tamil Nadu State Forest Advisory Committee for Research. Dr.Barathi is a Founder Director

of Growmore Biotech Ltd. which is certified by Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India and accredited by AQIS, Australia, produces over 200,000 plants per week of Bamboo and Paulownia for high density Energy Plantation. Growmore Biotech is “Technology Partner” for National Mission on Bamboo Applications (NMBA), Govt. of India and “Corporate Member” of National Academy of Biological Sciences, India. Growmore Biotech Ltd is affiliated Member of International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR),China. Growmore Biotech Ltd is the only propagator of Tropical Energy Bamboo in the world.