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Guyana Overview

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Guyana officially the Co-operative Republic of Guyana and previously known as British Guiana , is a state on the northern coast of South America that is culturally part of the Anglophone Caribbean. Guyana has been a former colony of the Spanish, French, Dutch, and British. It is the only state of the Commonwealth of Nations on mainland South America, and is also a member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), which has its secretariat headquarters in Guyana's capital; Georgetown. Guyana achieved independence from the United Kingdom on the 26th May 1966 and became a Republic in February 1970.

In order for Guyana to develop economically and become a progressive player in the economic global order, the nation needs a properly skilled and well-paid workforce to encourage the growth of productive forces and capital.

The main economic activities in Guyana are agriculture (production of rice and Demerara sugar),bauxite mining, gold mining, timber, shrimp fishing and minerals. Chronic problems include a shortage of skilled labour and a deficient infrastructure. In 2008, the economy witnessed a 3% increase in growth amid the global economic crisis and is expected to grow further in 2009. The sugar industry, which accounts for 28% of all export earnings, is largely run by the company Guysuco, which employs more people than any other industry.