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Republic of Ghana

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Ghana is one of the largest generators of electricity in West Africa and primarily relies on the supply of hydropower from the Akosombo Dam, on the Volta Rive. Ghana supplies neighbouring countries such as Benin and Togo with the majority of their electricity.

Clenergen has entered into a Strategic Alliance with a leading infrastructure company to conduct a detailed feasibility study regarding the cultivation of Bamboo in Ghana, for the purpose of supplying biomass feedstock for combustion steam biomass power plants in the Northern Region of Ghana. As an Independent Power Producer, Clenergen intends to supply electricity into the National Grid system at cost below than alternative sources of renewable energy.

Dedicated energy crop plantations offer captive end users such as the major gold mining operations, an uninterrupted supply of renewable electricity, along with the ability to remediate and reclaim land for the cultivation of energy crops. The Government recently removed all subsidies to major end users which have resulted in the price of electricity rising from 11 cents to 19.5 cents per KW hour.