STINGLESS BEE PROJECT - Clenergen Corporation


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Project Analysis

The Caboclos, who are the forest dwellers in the Amazon region of Brazil, are faced with dire economic hardship have either abandoned the rainforest for urban slums or have depleted the rainforest resources due to lack of sustainable alternatives.

It is vital for the international community to find ways for the forest dwellers to create an income by harvesting the resources of the rainforest in a sustainable manner. If the Caboclos are encouraged to remain in the forest they are able to maintain their natural way of life. The forest is their home and by participating in the project they are enabled to become the natural custodians of the forest.

Honey production benefits:

  • The production not only preserves the Rainforest but also increases its growth due to an increase in pollination.
  • Honey is a traditional product that has always been harvested in the Amazon.
  • Beekeeping doesn't require expensive materials and is simple to maintain.
  • Honey production utilises the rainforest as its primary resource without destructive ecological impact.

Benefits of honey as a product:

  • It preserves well even under tropical conditions.
  • It can be easily transported.
  • It is healthy.
  • It can be used as food, cosmetic or medicinal purposes
  • The by-products such as beeswax can create additional income streams

Project goals:

  • To create sustainable alternatives to destructive logging practices
  • To prevent rural exodus.
  • To extend the model to all the many forest settlements that request it.
  • To create a new income source for the forest dwellers.
  • To produce high quality organic honey.

Duration of the Project:

The project is established within 12 months and needs constant monitoring for a further 16 months. After this it is run independently and only occasional monitoring will be maintained.