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Charcoal Briquettes

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Charcoal Briquettes

Clenergen Foundation has developed a business model, based on the technology pioneered by the Appropriate Rural Technology Institute (ARTI) India that uses agricultural waste and other dry biomass to produce high quality charcoal briquettes.

This solution allows for sustainable charcoal production with economic benefits to rural communities in Africa and India.

The goal is to transform the current charcoal industry from a necessary evil to a rewarding opportunity for thousands of people. We will do this by replacing the source of charcoal from forests to fields, training farmers to convert their agricultural waste to char powder and protect their forests for their children. We will also simultaneously convince urban charcoal consumers to switch to the cleaner, hotter burning and cheaper “green charcoal”. The beauty of ARTI technology lies in the fact that it is self- sustainable as it maximizes the use of waste materials for energy production whilst at the same time appropriately address the root of rural and urban energy problems. These simple and inexpensive technologies are to be adopted across the Clenergen Corporations territories with adaption to the local waste biomass.

Dry leaves and waste left in the fields after harvesting are called trash. Pyrolysing (Charring) the trash and converting it into fuel are called briquettes can be very profitable for small scale rural business.

Clenergen Foundation can start to help alleviate a real problem In India and Africa both in terms of the environment and poverty reduction. Instead of micro-finance the Clenergen Foundation model is the development of micro-entrepreneurship .All training equipment and support is given upfront with the payment for the kilns and briquette maker paid back once the charcoal is produced and sold. This is done at an affordable rate for the family. That money paid back goes straight into helping the next family.