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Energy Crop Plantations

Clenergen, in collaboration with its agronomy partners, will commence six month spacing trials of Marjestica, Beema Bamboo and Melia dubia on 150 acres in Valliyur, Tamilnadu, commencing September 2010, prior to commercial plantations in March 2011 in the State of Tamilnadu.

The trials will be in parcels of 25 acres where the density will vary in order to determine the optimum yield from the short rotation crops. Marjestica will be supplied from tissue culture saplings that have been treated with the Tree Adaption Process (Polyploidisation) and Beema Bamboo from micro propagated saplings produced from tissue culture. Melia dubia saplings will be supplied from a cloned variety originating from a clonal farm located on 250 acre land at Komangalam, Tamilnadu.

Clenergen has a sublease agreement for 5000 acres of land in Valliyur, Tamilnadu and an agreement to sublease for 4,000 acres of land near Tutitcorin, Tamilnadu to support plantation requirement for a new construction 32MW/h biomass power plant scheduled for commissioning in 2012. Further, the company has undertaken 5,000 acres of land in Valliyur, Tamilnadu. Both the regions benefit from high rainfall and are very suitable for biomass crops cultivation.

4000 acres land near Tuticorin, TamilnaduTNEB Sub Station for Power Evacuation

5000 acre land at the foothills in Valliyur, Tamilnadu